Thursday playlist: 10 recent gripes

Ten recent gripes:

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1.) Aging

2.) American people's opposition to Progressive Taxation. How did so many Americans reach the conclusion that it is not the role of goverment to correct economic injustice? It makes me sick that lofty principals of limited government trump the equally lofty principals of economic fairness. America is so weird.

3.) Michele Martin and her radio show “Tell Me More,” the NPR show that airs during my lunch hour. After I walk home at lunchtime, I turn on the radio so a human voice might mitigate the loneliness of my empty kitchen. So I don't have to eat lunch in silence. But then I just get annoyed instead. Michele's transparently judgy interview style just kind of drives me bonkers. It's not that I have a hard time with anyone else's sense of self righteousness exceeding my own. Ok, maybe a little bit I do. However I do expect my journalists to do a better job of feigning neutrality. She just can't do it. She should just get a cable show. Also, I'm annoyed that an hour-long show focused exclusively on race issues has to air in the middle of the day. Five days a week! Shows that appeal to special groups of people shouldn't get Prime Time. Garrison Keeler gets a weekend afternoon for a reason. Come on WHYY.

4.) Jars of “small-batch” pickles that cost $15.

5.) Marketplace on NPR. I'm sure there are scores of blog posts about this. But, what a piece of shit reporting. It's a straight-up celebration of the Stock Market and the Banking industry dressed up in NPR garb. Total brainwashed capitalist propaganda, complete with the sad/happy music that accompanies whether the stock market went up or down. And full of stories of “experts” talking about why the market went up or down on a given day. Total high school hallway gossip and power-elite-planted stories presented as The Truth. Kai Ryssdal is the douchiest host on NPR. Yeah, I said it Kai. Go see if you can wash all that corporate cum out of your mouth. I think you can't.

6.) Israel. Am I the only one (besides a billion Muslims) who is sick of the manipulations and the immorality of this country? Ok, I know there is a vocal minority in Israel trying to change the current politics. But the way that the Israeli government (and a lot of Israeli people) go on actively constructing settlements and keeping a choke-hold on Palestinians and on and on, it's just gross. And the only country who acts almost as despicably as Israel is (ahem) the US, oh, and, well, I suppose just about every other powerful self-interested state on this planet, save Canada and some of those sweet compassionate Nordic countries. But really, Israel is doing some seriously fucked-up stuff. And totally getting away with it. And this resistance to the Palestinians having a voice at the UN is some seriously eye-rolling double talk by the US. I hate how much control Israel has in America. And how even a Republican primary requires the candidates to grovel around about how much they love Israel ass-fisting anyone who stands up to them. It makes me sick. But then I stop and I step back and look at my behaviors lately. It's strange, but I noticed recently that I pay way more attention to news stories that involve Israel. Way more. I even seek them out. I've come to realize that I do that because of this awesome perverse pleasure I take in feeling greater and greater righteous indignation about Israel. “What?!” “Again?!” “How dare they?!” I'm starting to relate to Israel in the way Democrats used to relate to everything said by Sarah Palin. And the way Republicans now relate to Obama's “redistribution of wealth.” I'm addicted to righteous indignation. And especially about Israel. Totally hooked. A junkie. I don't even care about those sores and scabs. I am so not done. Fuck rehab. No, no, no. When the quality of this indignation dope is so sweet and pure and zionist dreamy, I just can't say enough. Come on Netanyahu, keep my needle full and dirty. I love the righteous horse galloping through my veins announcing that someone else is so much more demonically morally bankrupt than me.

7.) The American culture-machine cycle. Not the 24 hour news-cycle, but the 7 day culture cycle. This is not new, but it's gotten so sickly obvious lately. I'm so tired of the way every magazine, newspaper, talk-show (yes, Stewart, even you) are a part of the culture cycle that all promote the same same artistic/academic thing that comes out every week. The movies, albums, books, videos released in a given week all appear in different versions in every venue imaginable. Even the independent music blogs I read. Even the ones that seem so darlingly home-made, they all feature the same song, album, video and tour news that the others are all writing about. How does this happen? Where is the Uber-portal? I just get kind of depressed by it all. Even me, who loves LOVES the Uber-portal's sub-portals, is feeling weary and suspicious of the homogeneity of it all.

8.) Daylight getting shorter.

9.) The way physical things eventually fall apart. Chinua Achebe. I never finished reading that book. But I repeat that book title to myself a few times a week. With wisened resignment. And not just about my body. About the material things around me. Houses, cars, clothes. Oh how I hate that entropy part of reality.

10.) Apple's slowness/resistance to bring brain-implanted smart phone technology to the market. It means that when I have three workdays per week without a computer (except the tiny iphone screen), my full presence as TGW commenter is severely impaired. I'm so sorry for untimely or absent responses to posts and authors I love on TGW. Oh, I long for the future of telekinetic communication. And being able to send affection and witty comments instantly and telepathically. Here, I'm trying it right now. Hope you feel the love.


22 responses to “Thursday playlist: 10 recent gripes”

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the playlist, cuz. #5 is spot on and hilarious. (PROTIP: I solve the NPR problem by not listening to NPR. It works great!) #6 would start a massive flamewar on any part of the Internet except here.

  2. A White Bear says:

    I have always wondered why that’s true, Dave. We don’t get a lot of random outsiders happening upon us. Are we not Googlable? Has our time finally come?

    I’ve always wondered why the libertarian end of the right wing is so into Israel. Aren’t they the ones who go on and on about how the US should never ask another nation’s permission to do anything? How do they reconcile that with “we will do anything our massive military and economic weight can do to ensure that the majority of Israelis can do whatever they want to a minority of the population without proportional regional democratic representation”? Libertarians are against every single part of that.

  3. lane says:

    i wish bacon were here to read “small batch pickles that cost $15”

    and mustards, and all that other over-priced whole foods shit.

    the brazilification of america continues!

  4. lane says:

    except for here…

    OMG that’s great.

    the thing about TGW is that we all really have nothing in common, and that’s what keeps it going.

    i could yammer on all day about jeff koons here, but who fuckin’ cares!… like dave and isreal, and ff i guess. although he seems like a fairweather international armchairist. not hard core like dave,,, and i guess maybe bacon?… not slade for sure… TMK? maybe? maybe Marleyfan would put up a good internet throwdown over turkmenistan and the fallout over replacement of repatronized workers from the suez… maybe.

    that’s what keeps our comments low, and our whole enterprise on the verge of collapse… long live TGW!

  5. Tim says:

    On this morning’s “Marketplace,” there was a bit about all the complaints about the “new FB”, the gist of which was that people are too complainy about change and need to roll with how FB is just trying to keep things fresh. “C’mon, everybody! These stock prices won’t stabilize without our help. Start by accepting what’s given you and truly value it. Now, clap your hands so that Tinkerbell will know we believe,”

    I’d love to turn off NPR, but sometimes I just want to absorb the news without reading it, and KPFK/Pacifica is just so blatantly and ridiculously biased to the extreme left that it’s hard to take. I guess it’s easier for me to hear and digest media biases that are slightly off from mine, rather than almost completely the same.

  6. Dave says:

    Hardcore international armchairist! Excellent.

    We are googlable, although I’ve set a “nocache” in our meta tags so when we change something on the site the old versions are not preserved in the reputable parts of the Singularityweb.

    In general, non-commercial blogs like this are the old wave. They’ll keep going for decades, but they’re not cool like they were under Bush II.

  7. LP says:

    Long live the Old Wave!

    TGW: Proudly sort-of cool since 2006!

  8. Rachel says:

    I sort of love that we have become an anachronism. I mean, what else are we going to do, become a fuckyeahjeffkoons Tumblr?

  9. swells says:

    Scott has always loved to talk about what a tool Kai Ryssdal is too; I would never have noticed otherwise. I tend to cling to NPR as being the only ones I can take (and often I can’t even take them–looking at you, Sandra Tsing Loh), so when someone like you or Scott or Dave call out one of theirs, it force-feeds me some much-needed distance. To mix a metaphor, if that even is a metaphor.

    And your Israel rant!! So delightful, so recognizable to me in your psychoanalysis of your own addiction. I have been working consciously to break my own addiction to righteous indignation–for my own mental health and for the eventual (projected) relief of those around me–especially as the dreaded 2012 approaches. I’m gonna need some serious zen-ass mindpower to hover above that election unperturbed, I tell ya what. Suggestions welcome. Magic carpets accepted.

  10. AWB says:

    Ugh, Sandra Tsing Loh. The sad thing is, I often really come to like her characterizations of other people while completely despising her perspective, which seems impossible. Is she satirizing herself, like Louis CK does (i.e., I’m telling a story in which I am the dickhead)?

  11. Josh K-sky says:

    #6 is so dead on for me. As an American Jew, I can add to the whole addicted-to-righteous-indignation the dimension of shame and deep personal implication.

    #5 is a little complicated because I have a number of friends who are staff reporters and producers on that program, including one who has a deep social democrat streak. So yeah it’s awkward.

    Odd now to see how similar those two responses are.

  12. F. P. Smearcase says:

    I may have to listen to Marketplace tomorrow, oy, because a friend of mine was interviewed after the website she invented a while back went a little bit viral, which is to say it was on Huffington Post and somewhere else maybe medium-prominent.

  13. e'clair says:

    What a perfect time to drop by in a comment seeing as comment no. 2 was about how few people randomly find TGW! I find your site so refreshing, and really appreciate that it exists. I am an American expat, have been most my life, and am now living in one of those countries that the US bombed, so consider myself a “conflicted” American, though an American nonetheless. OK, enough about me, though I could go on. Thank you TGW contributors for the stimulating reading. (P.S. Doesn’t it seem like NPR has changed a lot since ten+ years back? But that’s when it went partly private, if I remember correctly.)

  14. F. P. Smearcase says:

    Also I feel like I could try and start a flame war because I have a minor dissent on item 6, but it’s half-informed and probably wouldn’t make for great discussion. This comment will self-destruct in sixty seconds.

  15. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Yes, flame war. Please dissent, FPS! There’s too much comment agreement so far (although i don’t mind hearing that).

    Sorry, Josh K, to dismiss the well-meaning work of a lot of people who work for Marketplace. It’s not so much the individual stories, as much as the whole ideological premise of the show.

    And Tim, yes, I continue to listen to NPR because there IS STILL A LOT of good journalism there. I really love all things considered and morning edition and fresh air.

    And hey e’clair, welcome! and yes, NPR does seem different to me too. But I am suspicious of my memories. More interestingly, where are you an expat listening to NPR?

    And magic carpets, ha! Me too, Swells. I need to figure some kind of flame retardant before 2012. The Perry/Bachman ticket is going to ignite all my old dried-out indignations.

    And Lane, why can’t Bacon read this and comment?

  16. sg says:

    Let’s see, aging, taxes, a radio program, pickles, another radio program, Israel, popular culture, the lights not being bright enough, things falling apart, problems with current technology…does gramp have a cramp?

    Seriously, the only bigger tool that Kai Ryssdal is Steve Chiotakis.

  17. sg says:

    Welcome new commenter. I’m sure that I can speak for the entire community when I say that I hope you stick around…

  18. FPS says:

    Oh I think there’s just a kind of “splitting” that goes on, where the discourse will allow of no adulteration of the idea of Israel as cruel and punishing and Palestine as innocent, martyred, and morally justified a priori. It’s gratifying, but not a good starting place for anything.

  19. e'clair says:

    Thanks for the welcome, sg. Heh, I’ve actually been loitering ’round your site for a while now, and would like to stay so long as you’ll have me. I love reading the comments too, and appreciate that FF welcomes disagreement. Comments like that make me miss my college days.
    If only I were so bold to write where I live, but let me try it out: I live in Serbia.
    Also FF, as for NPR, my own memories may be colored by my inappropriate Romantic tendency to color the past, making me, like, sooo yesterday. I just often remember that huge, dramatic fund-raising drive that went on and on about ten years ago, and not hearing the outcome (back then, the internet here was only dial-up, and inconsistent).

  20. lane says:

    FUCKYEAHJEFFKOONS TUMBLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! let’s get that up… dave? can u get on that… oh wait,,, vfls, ur busy!

  21. lane says:

    great post, finally got through it all, some posts are worth saving for a couple days… like pizza!

    bacon could comment,,, it was a commenting rhetorirriiiicccaaaallllllllllllllllll device to simoutaniously remember TWG’s past, and in some electronic shamanisitic way, solicit their return.

    oh, and you all TGW heard it here first.

    TGW MEET UP 37 w. 57th Street mid-town manhattan, MARCH 1ST (or about) 2012.

    I’ll put up some pictures, I know a guy that will get everyone really drunk (in stemwear)… could be a nice time.

    Midtown babies… gotta love it!

  22. lane says:

    oh, and bacon has the chops to go head to head with dave in full on professional international armchair global champion land…

    i loved the isreal rant, btw…