After a great night out with my new colleagues, I just accidentally drunk-dialed my mom, after a stressful weekend with said mom. What do you say?

5 responses to “Transition”

  1. k-sky says:

    “Isn’t it obvious? All we need to get along is are alcohol and distance.”

  2. PB says:

    I find flattery in most awkward mother situations is best. It throws them off, they are starving for it even if induced by mind altering substances.

  3. LP says:

    “Mom, I only get this one phone call. Can you come up with ten thousand dollars in bail?” Think of how happy she’ll be when you tell her you were joking! Unless you actually drunk dialed her from prison.

  4. A White Bear says:

    It was really bad, I guess. I meant to call a woman whose house I was trying to find, and I was having a bad alcohol reaction, which happens about once every six months. So I’m slurring my words and yelling, “Hey, where do you live? We’re totally lost!” before Mom informs me I did not, in fact, reach my desired party. Then I doubled down by calling her *again* when I got to the house to let her know I was safe, but was apparently totally incoherent. Many many calls and emails today about their concern that I was on drugs.

  5. Dave says:

    That sounds so embarrassing. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for full disclosure. Now your mother’s reaction to you occasional bad night is your mother’s problem, not yours.