Farrell and Trixie's Endless Summer Mix

Like I promised a few weeks back, here is the summer mix (basically a strongly edited mix of songs we have encountered and loved since springtime).

And a tracklist too:

1.) Robyn – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Coldplay cover)
2.) Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory
3.) Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
4.) Martin Solveig & Drangonette – Hello
5.) Tune-Yards – Bizness
6.) Keegan DeWitt – Hearts Beat Loud
7.) Purity Ring – Ungirthed
8.) John Maus – Believer
9.) Taragana Pyjarama – Ocean
10.) Ducktails – Killing the Vibe
11.) Cut Copy – Need You Now
12.) California Wives – Tokyo
13.) Star Slinger – Mornin'
14.) Niva – Boy from the sun
15.) Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle
16.) Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquestra – New Chicago
17.) Plushgun – Just Impolite
18.) The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown (Starslinger Remix)
19.) Houses – Soak it up
20.) Seapony – What you see
21.) Destroyer – Poor in Love

And some comments too:

Yes, this is the third mix in a row we've kicked off with Robyn. Shouldn't every mix start with a new kick-ass Robyn track? Yes, of course. So she swooped in and remade Coldplay's latest single, and it sounds so Robyn–as if she wrote it herself and, sorry Coldplay, it's a way better version and it is really really doing it for us. Loving those double-time drums. (Fyi, it's a live version from a BBC radio in-studio recording.  It seems there's no other version available for now and so for some reason the volume is significantly lower than all the other songs on the rest of the mix.  I guess that's also part of the reason that it makes sense to start the mix with it–so you only have to make one visit to adjust the sound (when track 2 starts up in a higher volume.  you've been advised!)) Always thinking of your comfort dear listener.

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And yes, it's 21 songs, but you'll notice that Lady G and Katy P are represented right up front there. Easy to jump over. But if for some reason you have been protected from pop culture for the last three months, you can finally get your ears wormed like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere and fight over which sax solo really ruled the summer.

The “Hello” song has also tunneled its way into this summer and, although it is an awesome high-energy song, you might be sick of it by now, so skipping tracks 2-4 is totally understandable, but please stay with us for 5-21 (and of course Robyn) cause they're really excellent songs. And if you happened to download the summer mix I recommended by that Swiss blogger Guerolito then you already own three more songs. So out of 160 MB here, you can delete six songs, and voila, it's only a 15 song mix. A very considerate length I think. I hope you agree.

Oh, one more thing, that Plushgun song “Just Impolite” is painfully, excruciatinly embarrassing, a horrible Postal Service rip-off with idiotic lyrics. It sounds like it belongs in a rom-com's montage sequence where the bickering couple finally make-up and hug and the camera spins around them. It's really good to play ironically in the background when you're working through your own lover's quarrel. Try it. Big laughs. And then you kind of get that keyboard part stuck in your head. Damn it.

Oh, and I hope your summer has been awesome. Here's to a prolonged Indian Summer (can you still say that?) and a relaxing Labor Day. XO!


8 responses to “Farrell and Trixie's Endless Summer Mix”

  1. lane says:

    and skipping down… “indian summer!”

    read later, listen now!


  2. KS says:

    Yay!!!!! Thank you Farrell and Trixie for helping to keep me forever young and hip.

  3. Rachel says:

    Capital-E *excited* for this. Thank you. I can listen and pretend to be whiling away these precious late-summer evenings with F & T.

    p.s. It is nice to get some validation for loving Robyn so utterly. Girl can do no wrong!

  4. berookie says:

    Gorgeous, love it. Thanks for the music and the laughs! xo B

  5. Dave says:

    That Robyn track is fantastic. And a very enjoyable mix — I took a walk through Somerville yesterday with this playing on my headphones.

    Does Katy Perry always do that weirdly affectless thing that she does in this song? The song was trying to be exciting and danceable, but her inflections sounded bored. Is that on purpose?

  6. F. P. Smearcase says:

    I DL’d it and then forgot to put it on my phone for subway listening. Which is ok because I still have to delete the Katy Perry track. You won’t know if I secretly delete the Katy Perry track, will you?

  7. Fawcett says:

    Hey you’re all welcome. And Dave, as to Katy P, I think she has a pretty weak voice in general. Not very distinctive either. But she’s got great help. Writers, producers, handlers. So she makes these big sticky songs.

    And, Smearcase, I see right through you. Admit it, you secretly LOVE the KP! It’s OK. Plus, she tapped Robyn to open on her US tour this summer. She knows good music when she hears it (or at least her handlers do).

    Yes, Rachel, no wrong. We still watch the video for “Hang with me” and get all excited at the end when she finally gets on stage. We’re dumdums for not seeing her live yet. Especially while she was still playing small shows. Please don’t ask us about the night where we were listening to R and rocking out and then decided to look up her tour schedule, and found out that she had played a show in Philly THE NIGHT BEFORE. That we did not attend. Did I mention the show WAS NOT EVEN SOLD OUT?!

    please forgive the inelegance of this link, just go there and enjoy:

    a preview to the next mix, playing now.

  8. lane says:

    this served as a brilliant sound track to an amazing hurricane condition barbeque success story tonight!

    high winds! driving rain! perfect burgers and a great mix on the headphones and later on the stereo!

    a great summer tradition! and i love every song… i guess i’m like a parent now like that… not following the minutia closely enough to care about the taste issues.

    lady gaga, in small does? SURE, what ever, sounds great, … If Trent likes it, I do too!