Family Slide Show(s)

Hey TGW.  Kate the Great had all our family slides digitized!  She’s my middle brother’s oldest, of six! Looking through these jpegs has been really fun.  We were “shutterbugs” growing up.  My dad loved having a Canon SLR and he loved having sons that could use it.  From the many repetitive images I would say that we were borderline obsessives with our family picture taking.

this one.

and then this one.

And finally this one!

I look like a creepy elf.

This is the lower end of my parents family.  The two oldest were off on their own at this point.  One to BYU and marriage, the other to Lake Powell and cocaine, … :- )

This is the coke bro. … taken at a family trip to Lake Powell a couple years after the raging bender that landed him in the crazy house.

At one point in our family we had two lawn mowers because our yard was so freaking big.  This bro and I did a kind of Golden Spike publicity shot here.  Very 1869 savvy.

When we weren’t mowing lawns. We were somehow involved in my brother’s swimming.  Which I’ve recently come to understand as kind of obsessional too.  We’re way to skinny too be competitive swimmers.  Tall enough, but not really enough shoulder mass.  But that didn’t stop it.  Off with the hair! and on with the Speedos!

when your hair gets all screwed up by chlorine, you might as well cut it off…

but goof around with it before you do.

This bro must have shaved his head a dozen times while a teenager. THAT is commitment!

As grown ups they looked like this:

The one in the blue didn’t go to BYU.  The one in the white did.


And this is Kate’s dad with his dad, my dad, Kate’s grandpa.  I like how it came at the end of a roll so the image got clipped.

And one other of my dad and a bro.

This is one of my favorites.  My dad worked for the American Basketball Association’s “Utah Stars” franchise.  My sister had embroidered this shirt for him.  And while I don’t know why these two are tussling I think it has to do with my brother having hair.  It was probably near to be cut off or something.


Here’s a shot of me before my baptism into my mother’s family’s religion, the Mormons.  Kate’s dad had just turned 16 so he was old enough to baptize people.  And since my dad had already baptized several kids we all thought it would be cool to let him do it.

In 1999 The New York Observer ran a little puff piece to promote my first solo exhibition here in New York.  In it, the author observed “Like most Mormons Lane likes to talk about his family.”  It’s true, I do.

My parents made a god of the family.  That’s what they do out there in the Great Basin District.  They literally worship The Family.

This is us at my Mom’s family farm.  Two of her sisters are there.  As is mine.  Dad must be taking the picture with the new Canon SLR (the A-1) because the swimming bro has the TL around his neck.  The coke bro has on his blue cords. And the father-of-six bro is dressed as a prostlytizing elder for some reason…  (as is the swimmer bro… ? )

And lastly here’s me in my second grade school play costume.  I was the narrator for our play about the roaring twenties.

“When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School it’s a wonder I can think at all.  But my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none. I can read the writing on the wall.  KODACHROME . . .!” ®

Kodachrome is a registered trademark for color film.


: – )

12 responses to “Family Slide Show(s)”

  1. AWB says:

    Aw, Lane, I love this. “Like most Mormons Lane likes to talk about his family.” So true! It also means you’ve always got great stories to tell. I also love the shot of your dad and brother ruffling hair.

    I grew up in a religion in which family was seen as a problem or a challenge, not something to enjoy. Being alone in the universe is how we roll. You can’t count on people to provide any sweetness or joy that isn’t sinful. I think part of why I gravitate to former Mormons. I’m totally fascinated by what happens to people when they grow up believing that “families can be together forever.” It sends shivers down my Baptist spine, but they’re shivers of envy as well as fear.

  2. lane says:

    ah, thanks,

    i know you’re not really “totally fascinated” but… thanks.

    yeah, that whole FOREVER thing… those people are as weird as they are nice.

    “Eternal Relationships”… “sealed”…

    whether you want it or not… : – /

  3. LP says:

    Creepy elf!

    Lane, these are fantastic. I love, love, love, photos from the 70s – the clothes! The hair! The poses! And the wonderful way some of the photos’ colors are faded. excellent.

    Also: the red bow tie / straw hat ensemble suits you.

  4. KS says:

    Dang!!!!! I feel like I just learned so much more about you, Lane. Coke bro? Mormonism was only your mom’s religion? Had no idea…

    And the self-titled “creepy elf” picture resembles photos of your own son–same mischievous elfin childhood expression…cute, not creepy. (You probably didn’t get creepy till high school.)

    It’s so fun to imagine little adult-Lane-the-artist being fomented in those early photos. Families are so weird–can be places of emulation, introspection, integration, isolation, and of course rebellion (but Mormons don’t really talk about those last two, do they?). Super cool phamily fotos.

  5. Tim says:

    These are so much fun! The nice bright colors, the greens of summers!

    Coming from a very small family, I find it interesting to think that there are families that you need a scorecard to keep track of — swimming bro, father-of-six, coke bro, etc.

    That one of your brother with the braids reminds me of some photos of Johnny Rotten.

    I also love the one of Kate. Kate, you look like an incredulous judge in court who can’t believe what she just heard come out of the mouth of a witness. Awesome.

  6. Thanks, Tim. Thanks.

    I was probably scowling because someone made me wear glasses. I have lots of pictures of that because I did that a lot as a toddler. And my childhood was imperfect, just like everyone else’s childhoods. We were all raised by humans and surrounded by kids who are mean, by nature.

    What Lane doesn’t say is that these pictures had been sitting on my desk, digitized, as an unfinished family history project, for two years or so. I didn’t pay to have them digitized, and I didn’t do the labor either. The closest I got was that I worked in the store that did the work (and did the exact job of the people who did do the work) right after I paid them to do the digitizing. And then I quit a month later because it was such a crappy job.

    I learned some family history by this post. I never looked at the pictures that sat on my desk for two years, digitized. That was the project: sort through them and pick out the pictures taken of trees, rocks, blurry flowers, and blurry animals and the good stuff like these.

  7. “From the many repetitive images I would say that we were borderline obsessives with our family picture taking.”

    Who says people don’t do this today, what with our digital cameras that will hold twenty kazillion pictures each?

  8. FPS says:

    I’m terrible at commenting on photographs but I really enjoyed these.

  9. LP says:

    Jesus, that’s the worst comment I’ve ever read.

  10. LP says:

    Get it? See what I did? You said you were terrible at commenting on photos…?

  11. LP says:

    10: Jesus, that is the worst comment I’ve ever read.

  12. lane says:

    hey thnks…