Monday open thread

— So, how was your weekend?

— I dunno, how was your weekend?


18 responses to “Monday open thread”

  1. Dave says:

    So I had a dream last night that this post generated a long, hilarious, and enjoyable comment thread.

  2. Missy says:

    Was it about bunion surgery? I’m getting that in a few weeks. Know what you shouldn’t do if you are scheduled for surgery? Google Image it.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m trying to resist that right now. We pay doctors to look at that stuff so we don’t have to.

  4. Rachel says:

    Agh. Why am I so suggestible? Will someone please suggest an Image search of rainbows and kittens?

    Dave, last night I had a dream that I posed for Rolling Stone in a red velour track suit, and the photo in which I mooned for the photographer was the one that made the cover. I have no idea what it means.

    As for the weekend…an absurdly late show seeing The National on Saturday, followed by a 30-mile bike ride on Sunday, followed by a lazy Monday morning. Fun!

    Since some of you are having west coast adventures this week, please fill us in when you can. (Including the DJ gig, Dave!)

    Also, is the WW tattoo really real? Confirm or deny.

  5. Tim Wager says:

    I had a lovely Saturday night watching “Harold and Maude” at Hollywood Forever cemetery with Jen and Parrish. ‘Twas a delicious picnic. The pre-movie DJs were amazing, too — much 70s psych-folk that I’d never heard before.

    As for dreams, I had a weirdly violent one on Friday, involving civil war, torture, and an evil shape-shifter. Best not to recall the entire thing. Suffice it to say I woke Jen up by talking in my sleep.

  6. Rachel — yes, love, it’s real. I spent most of the wkend in colonial williamsburg, slipping out of conference sessions to the bathroom to slather it with lotion.

  7. E. Tan says:

    i was all excited to go to a rooftop party on ave c and 9th street. turned out to be a bunch of nyu kids chugging beer from red plastic cups. “chug it bro!!!”

    i was interested in playing beer pong, but everyone passed out or were vomiting.

    i also saw chelsea girls at the moma. what a long fucked up movie. it did make me pay more attention to my own conversational habits.

  8. cynthia says:

    saw the national, took lots of naps watched way to many of my tv shows

  9. Mark says:

    I saw Knocked Up this weekend and it was hilarious.

  10. Tim Wager says:

    In honor of his memory, I’ll tell my favorite Richard Rorty story. I think I’ve already told some of you this, but just skip it if you know it already.

    I took a course from Rorty at UVa in 19– (redacted to preserve the illusion of my youth). It was originally intended to be a graduate seminar with about 30 students, but somehow it turned into a huge lecture with over 200 students, grads and undergrads alike. Rorty ran discussion sections of about 20 students for everyone every week (looking back, I wonder how he found the time — 10 discussions, plus 3 lectures, and everything else he did).

    During one of these discussions, Rorty was developing one of his favorite lines of thought, about the malleable nature of truth or something. One of the undergrads began sputtering and wheezing in disbelieving disapproval and finally, gesturing toward the window and the world beyond it, blurted out, “But, but what does this have to do with reality?!!?”

    Rorty, without missing a beat, leaned back in his chair and interlocked the fingers of both hands on his lap in front of him. Rocking back and forth gently, he replied, “Tell me more about this ‘reality’ of yours,” and then burst out laughing the most remarkably toothy, red-faced cackle I think I’ve ever seen.

  11. lisa t. says:

    Spent the weekend drinking a whole lotta champagne with a palm springs wedding party. We stayed in amazing bungalow-hotelish digs. Pool was open 24 hours and free bikes to use whenever. It was all quite lovely and decadent. Today I’m cleaning house to pay penance and work the alchohol out of my system.

  12. ks says:

    Eesh, imagine that you were just perusing today’s TGW comments and you first stopped on #6. What would YOU think BW was talking about? I think I’ll attempt to google images of rainbows and kittens, then I’ll solemnly vow always to read comments in their proper chronological order.

  13. Rachel says:

    KS, I just laughed iced coffee out my nose.

    #6: ‘Yes, love, it’s real.”

    For those of you who were still wondering…

  14. Dave says:

    Hilarious, ks.

    Here are some kittens.

  15. ks says:

    Gosh, happy to be able to supply a bit of good cheer to the collective “YOU” who so often amuse and enliven my days (lurker extraordinaire here). Dave, thanks for the kittens, and Rachel, sorry about the coffee spewing out your nose. And to Bryan, I’m so relieved to know of yet another good excuse for ducking out of conferences. Nice WW tat, by the way.

  16. Greetings from suburbia says:

    I cut up junipers like giant bonzai trees and then planted purple veined petunias all over my yard . . . millions of them. Who needs to slather in lotion or barf up a beer bong, not me gdammit!!!!! Go cicadas.

  17. G-Lock says:

    Missy, good luck with the surgery! Ouch. I’ll stick with my orthotics for as long as possible before I get the big ol’ whackeroo!

    Plus, I felt “The Sopranos” finale was decent, even by standards of those who had never seen an episode in its entirety.