My new favorite game

I have a new favorite game. It’s called “cornhole.” It’s really simple: you throw beanbags at a slightly slanted piece of plywood, trying to make them land on the wood (1 point) or go through a single hole that’s been drilled into it (3 points). It’s like horseshoes, but without the shoulder strain.

Here is a typical cornhole set:

If you are industrious, you can paint your cornhole set in creative ways:

Here is a primer on how to play, courtesy of some dudes named Derek and Dan:


Here is an old lady nailing a shot:


And here is a fabulous song about Cornhole, from Rhett and Link:


So, cornhole on, cornholers! Play it proud.



5 responses to “My new favorite game”

  1. SG says:

    Any game in which one stands in the summer sun with an ice cold Budweiser/Schmidt’s/Schafer/Miller Highlife/ or any other shitty American beer in one’s non-throwing hand is alright with me!

  2. Dave says:

    Obviously there should also be a Cornballer on the sidelines for the preparation of delicious, burnsome inter-inning refreshments.

  3. J-Man says:

    Reminds me of Skeeball without all the damn kids!

  4. KS says:

    This is so helpful! Just moved to NE Ohio where I learned of the existence of this game on July 4. Apparently it’s all the rage in small college towns in the upper Midwest, or something, and several states argue over who can claim its point of origin. Thanks for the info that should help us to fit in better around these parts. I am hoping somewhere in there is some info about how one might obtain one of those artful cornhole game thingies. If not, there’s always the internets…

  5. LP says:

    1. Word.

    2. Refreshments are clearly a big part of this game. I didn’t snack during the actual cornholing, but I did enjoy a fair amount of beer, ham, biscuits, etc. on the sidelines over the 4th.

    3. It is a bit Skeeball-esque, true! And the damn kids play it, too.

    4. So glad to help. And I believe you can find yourself a very fine cornhole set on the Internets, though it’s really best if you bust out the saw and make one yourself. That’s how my people roll.