mom, sister, cousin “sue”, “chadwick”, “kipper”, nippy and me.





















one of my friends in high school once looked at my sister and said “wow, she’s gorgeous.”  she really was!

5 responses to “mom, sister, cousin “sue”, “chadwick”, “kipper”, nippy and me.”

  1. LP says:

    Love these; thanks, Lane. And your friend is right.

  2. Stella says:

    These are fab. I feel stripes are underrepresented nowadays.

  3. lane says:

    that’s so true!

  4. I always have trouble figuring out which boy is who, even in family videos when one of the boys is blowing out candles.

    I love your mom’s pants. I have pants like these. She still makes that face today in pictures; what is she saying, unc?

  5. lane says:

    i think she’s saying “take the picture bob, this kid is getting heavy.” : – ) glad u saw these kate!