Congratulations to New York for your civil rights victory!¬†Who’d have thought that the legislative process could be so Lovely?


Isn’t it wonderful when chants of “U.S.A!” erupt for something other than sporting events or a bombing campaigns?

6 responses to “I LOVE N.Y.”

  1. F. P. Smearcase says:

    Thanks! I kind of wish we’d been in the city for the revelry but it was hard to complain as we were in Montauk drinking and lying about on lawns. I came home with the cold-like sensations accompanying certain sunburns and (I’m emotional when I don’t feel well) got terribly weepy about all of it. But you know what, screw that. Screw my flippant disavowal. All my adult life being angry and disappointed about the prospect of ever being equal in the eyes of the state, I deserved a good joyful wallow.

  2. Tim says:

    Yay! That video got me all choked up again. Love it!

  3. LP says:

    Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! This is so hugely huge. It finally feels like the whole game is changing… We’ve got the Big Mo now!

  4. SG says:

    Yes, I’ve watched this about seven or eight times, and I’ve spilled tears with every viewing.

    Can it be true that, generally speaking, as a society we tend to move forward in a positive direction? U.S.A.!? U.S.A!?

  5. LP says:

    This incredible chart shows the progress of gay / lesbian rights in this country since 1960. When I was born, more than 90% of the US population lived in areas where homosexual behavior was outlawed. The sea change after 2003, when the Supreme Court struck down the sodomy law in Texas, is amazing. And the little green stem in 2008 is California’s temporary foray into equality.

    This is a really happy-making chart.

  6. lane says:

    Congratulations NYC!… and on july 24 no less, : – )

    “this” really IS the place!