Travel summery pt.3: Paris nouveau

‘Architectural porn,’ is a phrase that might best describe the Bibliothèque Nationale de France – François Mitterrand. We made the trek on a cloudy day to see a Richard Prince show called “American Prayer.”

When I finally thought that I had a handle on the enormous exterior of the complex I went inside; I was equally impressed — not just by the Prince show, but by the space itself. Unfortunately, I only got two interior shots before I was admonished by a security guard.

3 responses to “Travel summery pt.3: Paris nouveau”

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks, Scotty. I had never seen the interior of the new library before. You know how some music fans wish they had been alive for Woodstock, or to see the Beatles? Well, most younger profs I know will never hear the end of our older colleagues bemoaning the loss of the Reading Rooms of the old Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris and the old old British Library. I definitely have mistalgia for them. The new library looks…big.

    p.s. I read too quickly and for a second thought you had seen the Diminutive Purple One…but how was the Richard Prince show?

  2. SG says:

    The Prince show was really great. It was composed of a lot of great ephemera: one really moving piece was a letter that Jimmy Hendrix had written to his father — Hendrix wrote that he was leaving Little Richard’s band because he wasn’t getting paid, and that his dad shouldn’t worry because as long as he has a guitar and an amp, he knows that he’s gonna make something of his life.

    The walls of the show were lined with the originals of pulp novel covers that Prince painted with titles like “Sex Crazed Nurses” and “Teenage Lust Report.” Then were also other pieces like painted muscle car hoods.

    It was especially interesting to see a show that celebrates Americana in Paris — from there we walked along the river to Notre Damme, so we went from the trashy to the sublime. I only wish I was on shrooms.

  3. lane says:

    funny, prince strikes me as more of a speed or weed artist rather than a shroomer.

    but sure, those spiritual america pics could look pretty good with little doily patterns floating to the surface.

    those are REALLY nice glass towers they got there. lucky richard… that little bullsh*t artist!