Bryan Waterman. Television. Marquee Moon. His book. It's finally here!

I got something amazing in the mail yesterday. I can't remember the last time I read the Prelude to a book and felt so completely captivated by the writing that I wanted to devour the rest of the book standing in my kitchen–at midnight. And it's BW's book! It's so engrossing. Two years after being selected as part of the exclusive 33 1/3 book title club. Remember this announcement? Our beloved Bryan Waterman has published his book! Now go here and buy it! Of course you can go to Amazon and buy it for $7.93, but if you go to Continuum, you're showing the love that BW deserves. Regardless. Wherever you get it, TGW is namechecked in the acknowledgements for godsakes! TGW! God bless him. Congratulations Bryan. Fucking awesome! We XO you so hard!!!!

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9 responses to “Bryan Waterman. Television. Marquee Moon. His book. It's finally here!”

  1. lane says:


  2. lane says:

    did anyone buy the book based on this pirtch?!?!? come on people… cough up!

    this made me think of that afternoon that bw retired from the whatsit, beck on the stereo… reading that email… he’s lucky to have u as a friend ff… a rare thing.

    ah,,, that thc afterburn and it’s sentimentality… it almost feels like religion.

    : – )

  3. lane says:

    pitch!… sorry that’s pitch.

  4. swells says:

    I totally bought the book the second I read farrell’s post! And have been listening to MM all day in anticipation of its arrival. I admit it.

  5. Rachel says:

    I bought it BEFORE reading Farrell’s love note! Am so excited!

    And those of you who know BW will not be surprised to hear that, in all likelihood, Marquee Moon is the LONGEST book in the 33 1/3 series.

  6. lane says:

    THAT! calls for this . . . : – )

  7. Rachel says:

    It’s that sweet spot on the Venn diagram where historian meets fan.

  8. TV on the Radio says:

    Here’s Waterman on WFMU yesterday talking about the book:

  9. Tim says:

    Thanks for the link, TV! Just listened to it. Fun stuff! I’m about half way through the book now and really digging it.