S prazdnikom!

I hope you all celebrated May 9 yesterday, the day that the Germans finally surrendered in WWII. It’s a huge holiday in Russia – Dyen’ Pobedy, or Victory Day, the day the Great Patriotic War ended. If you missed it yesterday, raise a glass today:


… plus …

= Delicious. And culturally appropriate.




5 responses to “S prazdnikom!”

  1. Stella says:

    Perfect breakfast with a little black bread.

  2. PB says:

    That is the most perfect pickle I have ever seen.

    Funny, we were planning a trip the other day and could not find our road map so we grabbed our atlas. It still showed the USSR. It was an odd moment since WB had not really studied a map like this in his lifetime. Regimes come and go – people always figure out ways to celebrate something.

  3. Tim says:

    LP! I love your May 9th parties. I love best how heartfelt your toasts Victory Day are. Okay, the food is really good too. To you and your remembrance of that wonderful day! (Drinks virtual shot.)

  4. LP says:

    1: Agreed.

    2: Yes, isn’t it funny to look back and think of how our whole worldview was shaped by our relationship to the Soviet Union, and now it’s been gone for 20 years (!!!!). It’s like ancient history to anyone under 30. On a similar note, did you see that one of the top search terms by teenagers last week was “Osama Bin Laden”? People under 20 don’t really have a clear idea of who he was.

    3: Spasibo, Timofei! And I love that you always make the May 9 party and indulge in vodka shots like a pro! Na zdorovye!

  5. lane says:

    oooh yes,,, the cold vodka and the little snacks!… “like”