Looking for the afikomen: More short reviews

How is this blog different from all other blogs? We’ve got short reviews, no more than 100 words, no chametz.

National Anthem of Nowhere
Apostle of Hustle, National Anthem of Nowhere
Yet another band in the Broken Social Scene constellation, Apostle of Hustle is led by BSS guitarist Andrew Whiteman. For National Anthem of Nowhere, Whiteman has written a gorgeous collection of emotionally gritty pop songs. Like a carpeting of ground-up diamonds on pavement, they sparkle and glimmer on the surface, but grind and crunch underfoot. Whiteman famously spent time in Cuba, and while its influence is here in his use of some Caribbean rhythmic touches and Spanish-language lyrics in a couple songs, this is no “world music” record. “My Sword Hand’s Anger,” the addictive first single, hit #1 on CBC Radio 3’s indie rock chart. If only US radio could boast such enlightenment.
–Tim Wager

Essential Self-Defense by Adam Rapp (Playwrights Horizons, through April 15)
You know those big padded suits would-be attackers wear in self-defense class? The kind that are so big a woman can actually hit, kick, punch and yell no no no! at the fake rapist and he won’t feel a thing? That padded suit is the central image in this play/musical about two unlikely souls falling in love — a fantastic metaphor for the defenses we have surrounding us at all times, especially as we try to open our hearts. There is also a fair amount missing children, explosions, and some phenomenal roller skating.
–Wendy West

The Great Whatsit
Sure it can be a little insidery, a tad self-satisfied, but investing some time and getting to know the characters has a grand payoff. You’ll find yourself drawn into the NYLA dialectic, laughing our loud at childhood dysfunction, and crying along with those who cry along with Paula. Dave, I am indeed home.

4 of 5 starz.
— Scott Godfrey

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    And remember, the Afikomen is for the KIDS! The adults can LOOK but don’t tell anyone where it IS! Let the KIDS find it!

    A common mistake made by a “Gentile.”