Un Poème pour des Travaux…

“Que mes murs sont tristes et trop fades mes rideaux,
Mais bien seule je suis pour y faire des travaux!
Où trouver l’artisan qui saurait apporter
La lumière et le style à ma demeure aimée?

Ma requête est soumise à budget resserré…
Mais que vois-je sur ce site? Un espoir à mes souhaits?
De ma plume j’écris ma recherche énoncée,
Et bientôt je reçois des réponses adaptées!

Mon voeu est exaucé! je t’invite avec joie
A te rendre toi aussi sur ce site de ce pas!

Si mes mots t’importunent et que tu ne veux pas
Recevoir d’autres lignes, je m’éclipserai là!”

Décrivez ici votre souhait…

7 responses to “Un Poème pour des Travaux…”

  1. EssToTheGee says:


  2. Tim says:

    A spam poem, or “spoem,” I received today. With the help of freetranslation.com, it remains confusing:

    “My walls are sad and my curtains too flat,
    But well alone I am for there to work!
    Where is the craftsman that would know how to bring
    Light and style to my beloved abode?

    My request is subjected to a tightened budget…
    But what do I see on this site? Some hope for my wishes?
    With my pen I write my announced research,
    And soon I receive adapted responses!

    My vow is granted! I invite you with joy
    To return also to the site of this step!

    If my words inconvenience you and are not what you want,
    To receive other lines, I will eclipse myself there!”

    Describe your wish here…

  3. EssToTheGee says:

    Oh, now I (still don’t) get it!

  4. lane says:

    Oh, now I (still don’t) get it!
    … funny.

    …really! this was SPAM!… that’s so funny!

    “and soon i receive adapted responses!.”.. ?

    the internets put early modernist salon games based on chance to shame…. much to the delight of at least one brooklyn based artist.

  5. lane says:

    A SPOEM!… it’s sounds like an organism…

  6. Cool, and “spoem” is not even just a word Tim made up for this occasion, as I had assumed: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Spoem — it has been around at least since 2006. I don’t remember ever getting spoem although I’ve certainly gotten spam that could be converted into found poetry if I had felt like doing that…

  7. lane says:


    i know, there’s just all this new literary “stuff” around now….