The Bieber Fieber

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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From A Rebound

039;ve totally got it. Yes, we went and saw the movie (Never Say Never). Yes, it's because we have a six year old. OK, fine. That's a lie. Our kid is really not that into Justin Bieber. But it seemed like a fun way to pass a couple hours on a Sunday. And it totally was. It's basically a VHS Behind the Music segment, but on steroids, (in 3D if you bother) with excellent sound and video footage, no commercials, and the subject is riveting, something that will probably be entertaining the world for the rest of our lives.

The movie was surprisingly funny at times. And educational. And totally engrossing. And kind of tender. In fact, it was actually touching (one of the three of us cried at the end, I won't say who). If you get a chance to see it, like a really good excuse that lets you see it in the service of a bigger cause, like say, you've got a niece or nephew who you're babysitting, or you are driving past a theater and craving some hot buttery popcorn, well, then, you should really go. JB is a phenomenon. Honestly, he has more natural talent than almost any other teen pop stars of our modern era. (Except maybe MJ).

And the truth is: we don't really like his music. It's just that he's got so much…what?…what is it?…it's not just charisma…but he's got shit loads of it. Here's the trailer for the movie:

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From A Rebound


But that clip doesn't quite give you the sense of what you're about to see. Here are two helpful youtube clips that give a sense of the crazy fan mania that the movie documents. First, a three year old girl crying about Justin–simultaneously funny and disturbing. You don't have to watch the whole thing to get the idea. Second, the same little girl on a Jimmy Kimmel segment, where it is worth watching the whole thing.



But those clips really just highlight the weird magical spell that makes young girls (and some young boys) embarrassingly hysterical. We are not so much a fan of that part. But as students of human behavior, it's really interesting. (Ok, we're total fans of that part.)

Unfortunately, there is so much internet content about this kid that we were unable (unwilling?) to find a good clip to use as a closing argument. Something that highlights his superhuman charm and talent. Oh well. Truth is, four minutes just don't do Justin justice. Just go see the stupid movie. Catch the fever. It feels unexpectedly good. Check it and see. Got that feeling burning inside of me. Got a Fieber of a hundred-and-three!


7 responses to “The Bieber Fieber”

  1. KS says:

    Wow, thanks for the wake up call to discover the Biebs. Fun!

    I have to admit, I have made zero effort to understand this Bieber Fieber or to appreciate this kid as having much substantive talent. Now I feel like a jerk, because in even those few short clips it is clear that he does indeed have something…in spades. To have that poise and confidence–without arrogance–at any age is impressive, but at 15-16? Unbelievable. Let’s all just hope he will be protected from the sort of Lohanization that ensnares all too many young pop icons.

  2. lane says:

    (Ok, we’re total fans of that part.)

    thanks for keeping it real. : )

  3. F. P. Smearcase says:

    The trailer is pretty hilarious.

  4. PB says:

    It just makes me happy to read this. Fawcett as a Bieber phenom fan brings perspective and hope to a dark world. What good is pop culture if not to reassure us that for every Lohan there is a Bieber – a tin star hero against a whole lot of bad front page news.

  5. SG says:

    I love how real y’all keep it on the pop culture tip…

  6. Stella says:

    Btw, it is worth watching that first clip of the two girls to the end (if my memory serves me) because the little girl after crying and crying hysterically makes a joke about herself and her situation.

  7. AWB says:

    Yeah, I love that little girl. My favorite part is when they ask her what she thinks is going to happen between herself and Justin, and her response is that she just wants him to be a part of their family. Aw!