The $pectacle

I’ve been honored and thrilled to be working on the latest installment of Learning Music Monthly with Music-god, John Wood.  So, helmet yourself in pith and hire a reliable guide, lest you find yourself lost in the rhythmic jungle that is this latest installment.

The record is Mr. Wood’s and my (not so) humble attempt to re-imagine Guy Debord’s cultural-critique-masterpiece Society of the Spectacle. Guest appearances by Los Angeles based pop diva, Lisa Tee, make this a Learning Music Monthly for which to shake those asses and other assets.

The stream or free download are here: ($).

(Once at the site, make sure to click on the image at the very top of the page.)

Cover photo by Leon Alesi.

22 responses to “The $pectacle”

  1. AWB says:

    Excellent, SG. Loved the first track, can’t wait to listen to the rest.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Oh my.

  3. farrell says:

    Scott, I love this album. But darn you! There goes my post for Thursday. It’s one of my favorite albums of the year.

  4. Interesting — a French Fb friend says, “‘Society of the Spectacle’ sounds like a poor, word-for-word translation, Perhaps it should be ‘The Showbiz Society’.”

  5. lane says:

    love that photo!

  6. Literacy H. Dogfight says:

    4: Your French friend will need to go back in time to the ’70s to discuss this with the translators of the book. Interestingly, of the available English translations I’ve seen, every one uses that title.

  7. ScottyGee says:

    Fellas, you know that I love this kinda high-falootin’ talk, but folks, just put the shit on and dance. . .

  8. 6: Yep — she tells me DeBord “is said not to have been happy with most translations of his work”…

  9. Her take:

    the English title is a literal translation of the French “La société du spectacle”. “Le spectacle” refers to a “show” of any kind. For instance, “le monde du spectacle” refers to playwrights, actors, circus performers, etc whose activity consists in putting on “shows” for the public, usually in specialized venues: in English, this is “the show business world”, not “the world of the spectacle”. (Of course this is not the world that the author is talking about, the “show” is a metaphor for what is going on in society as a whole).

  10. lane says:

    hey now scotty, u started this.

  11. LP says:

    Okay, let’s roll back to comment #3 and continue from there, in the spirit of Scotty’s post: Awesome! Love the record, and the artwork.

    Congratulations, Scotty!

  12. Oh, yeah, I am not meaning to put down the music, it is great! Didn’t mean to derail discussion of the sound with translation stuff.

  13. lane says:


    who the fu** are you “miss commenting cop!”

    u aint the boss of me . . .

    or commenters 4 through 9 . . . if scotty puts something up, he has to sit there and take it just like anyone else!

    (and of course i don’t really care, just playing my “lane the crazy commenter, Ruben impersonator” sort of thing.) and . . . are you coffee shopping working today? or just at home?

    and of course “Awesome post scotty, love the music! congratulations!”

  14. lane says:

    OK, now you’ve asked for it. all day alone, working, Scotty on the stereo. (and did i mention i have pinnicle 3ft. stack speakers here.)

    This will get serious attention. … good and bad. watch out Guy DE-BORED!

  15. lane says:

    i’m hearing a single here in “Territorial Domination”

  16. lane says:

    i would release Ideology Materialized as the second single.

    listening to self-produced music and using the voice of an A&R man to do some kind of crit must be kind of Deboudean, right?

    “you kids are brilliant, i mean the most sincerely . . . now which one’s Pink?” . . .

    the record is on repeat, yesterday was TOOL! all day. so . . . now YOU hang on!

  17. lane says:

    oh, i mean “helmet yourself in . . .”

  18. lane says:

    “stupid but hot” is very memorable

  19. lane says:

    well, i’m done, a fine accomplishment indeed.

    and it put me in the mind to listen to pink floyd. what ever that might mean.

  20. lane says:

    ok last comment.

    pink floyd’s wish you were here has the same operatic structure, and narrative line about the individual lost in a superstructure. Scotty knows this already, through the miracle of technology.

    … Vorsprung durch Technik…

  21. lane says:

    i swear this is over.

    i know why classic rock is insipid. because it works on almost everybody almost all the time. no risk

    solid gold,

    rock solid,

    LIKE GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!