Tuesday updates

For your reading pleasure, a few updates from previous posts.

1. The New Yorker caption contest. In March 0f 2009, I wrote of my frustration at never getting a cartoon caption in the final three in the New Yorker’s contest. The first of the rather astonishing 34 comments included  AWB’s link to a site (since discontinued) that added the caption “Christ, what an asshole!” to every cartoon. Now, there’s another site mocking the contest: The Monkeys You Ordered, a site adding hyper-literal captions to the cartoons. For example:

"I don't have a vagina, but my breasts are pretty nice."

2. In 2008, I wrote about being sued following a car accident (the post was subsequently made private, since it was an open legal matter). The other party was at fault, but in the absence of witnesses, it was my word vs. the other driver’s. There was speculation in the comments that I would lose the case and see my premiums rise. In fact, my insurance company did pay off the other driver, though only a fraction of what she’d sought. And my premiums stayed the same.

3. Last summer, I wrote about my friend Mary McBride’s Home Tour, a concert series she put on at various non-traditional venues across the country: prisons, homeless shelters and assisted-living facilities. She wrapped up the tour not long after her LA stop, but the Washington Post had sent a reporter to cover it. The story ended up running in the Washington Post Magazine a week or so ago, and it’s fantastic. Read it here.

4. This is not an update, but I just came across a recipe for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. I really, really want some.

5. In a recent post about The Great Whatsit, I included an image from a winery that makes a Syrah with that name. Apparently, you can order bottles directly from the vintner. I think it would be a really good idea to have some Great Whatsit red wine along with the cookies above. Anyone else in?

9 responses to “Tuesday updates”

  1. Posts about the New Yorker caption contest always make me think about my friend David, who died not long after your 2009 post. I don’t think he ever won, but he had some finalists and I think he may have one the anti-caption contest a time or two.

  2. ScottyGee says:

    …you know I’m in, girl!

  3. …Red wine and cookies seems like a bad combo to me. I would gladly eat them while drinking (say) spiked coffee; but that beverage is not available (to my knowledge) in the Great Whatsit brand, nor are its components.

  4. F. P. Smearcase says:

    There was also a site that published the contest cartoon every week and had a “worst caption” contest. They were so immeasurably better than anything that ever makes the cut in the actual contest. I only submitted a caption once. The picture was of a secretarial sort sitting at a desk with some guy on the floor grabbing or perhaps biting her ankle. She’s on the phone, and in my version, what she’s saying is “He says he won’t let go until The Magazine abandons the misguided populism of the caption contest.” Imagine my surprise when it didn’t win.

  5. Tim says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies with red wine. What could be better than an Oreo buried inside of a chocolate chip cookie, paired with a mysterious red wine by the name of The Great Whatsit? Little, if anything, except if I were to consume said pairing in the company of some beloved Whatsitters.

    BTW, I’m always of two minds as to how to spell “Whatsitter”. It seems strange to double the “t”, because no actual sitting is involved in being a “Whatsitter”. Howsomever, leaving just one “t” suggests a pronunciation that involves a long vowel, confusing the matter utterly. Thoughts? Do we even need to codify?

  6. LP says:

    I’m partial to “Whatsiterati,” but it doesn’t seem to have caught on with anyone else.

  7. AWB says:

    I like Whatsiterati, LP! My only problem is figuring out where to place the accents. Whátsiteráti or Whatsíteráti?

  8. “Whatsiteer” — no question.

  9. Dave says: