What’s yer game?

When you’re stuck on a plane for untold numbers of hours after a long vacation, what is your mind-numbing game of choice?

Is it:




I have never played sudoku except on planes, and then only the ones in the in-flight magazines. But yesterday, thanks to a gift from an in-law, I played for about 8 hours straight on our various flights. I feel a little … dirty. Anyone else in this collective ever fallen into the sudoku pit?

9 responses to “What’s yer game?”

  1. Sudoku can keep me distracted for a little while, and I sometimes love crosswords. But you know what is the greatest pencil and paper diversion, the one from which there is no going back? Paint by numbers, is what.

  2. Also: in general, any pencil and paper diversion in Games magazine will be better, more fun, more challenging than any that is published elsewhere.

  3. Tim says:

    I’ve never tried Sudoku, but have become hooked on Ken-Ken, which is related.

    Until now, I’ve restricted myself to the puzzles in the NYT Sunday magazine. In searching for that link above, however, I’ve discovered that I can play on line for free. Uh oh.

  4. The iPhone NYTimes crossword app is the main reason I don’t throw the accursed thing into the sea. (No, I love it, but I fear it’s taking over my life.) I would now go mad without my puzzle. I try to race through the early-in-the-week puzzles and then Friday-Saturday-Sunday are excellent commute-killers. I think I burned out on Sudoku a couple of phones ago.

    And now because Dave planted the idea in my head (and, as we know from Inception, ideas are “the most resilient parasite…almost impossible to eradicate”) I am going back through Angry Birds, trying to score three stars on every level, wondering with each fling of a chicken why it is I don’t read more books.

  5. k-sky says:

    Mrs. K-sky sudokus herself to sleep on her iPhone every night.

  6. You can play Paint-by-numbers online for free here but it suffers from: (a) not being pencil and paper — somehow none of these games seem as compelling on a monitor; and (b) not being in Games magazine where the gifted puzzle editors work.

  7. AWB says:

    I really hate you for posting that Paint-By-Numbers thing, TMK. I had run into that kind of puzzle before and thought I couldn’t figure out how to do it, but now I have and my life is ruined. (I just did this one.)

  8. Nice — I have to date mostly stuck with the black and white ones because they are what I’m used to, maybe I should try out the colors.

  9. AWB says:

    I think the colors may be easier at the large scale. I was doing one last night that I’d almost finished but it was driving me insane and I thought, “This is a stupid reason to be driven insane. Go to bed.”