2010 winds down

Readers, such beautiful imaginations you have. Please use them to visualize what I wish were in this post:

-photos of my parents’ Christmas decorations, all wooden toys bought at outdoor Christmas markets when we lived in Germany

-photos of my niece and nephews in the canyon behind my parents’ house, running around with my dog in the mud

-photos of my family on Christmas eve, around a big table for 12 at a Mexican restaurant with gigantic margaritas all around

-photos of my nephew constructing a 3-foot-tall rollercoaster in the shape of a rocket, a project with 127 steps in the direction booklet, all of which he executed perfectly, then altered for maximum effect before sending the little car on its spiraling journey

-photos of San Diego airport this morning as we queued up with my sister and her family, them leaving for Seattle, us for Philly

-photos of Scotty on the plane ordering his fifth Jack and coke

-photos of Farrell and Trixie’s Christmas decorations, super creepy carol-singing animatrons in their front windows

-photos of the sushi spread waiting for us when we arrived at our destination, Farrell and Trixie’s, after midnight, with a careful selection on a specific plate chosen for each of us by Jeremy

-photos of me right now, with too much wine and too many travel hours inside me, writing this post at 2 am and wishing there were actual photos to post

I’ll admit, I do have photos of all of these things, but right now, posting photos would take me about five hours just to size them. Farrell is encouraging me to describe them instead of trying to post them, and I like the idea. (Here’s a photo of that:)

I hope you all can use your copious and rich imaginations to fill in some of these images in your minds, and better yet, provide some descriptions of your own of how your year has wound down.

5 responses to “2010 winds down”

  1. S. Godfree says:


  2. Tim says:

    I loved these pictures! They came through perfectly.

    Also, the one of you and Farrell is awesome. The look on your face says (and I quote), “Nuh!”

  3. LP says:

    This cracked me up. Also, I want some sushi. Also, I love you all.

    Happy new year!!

  4. Watching Just’In trying to open a bottle of Martinelli’s mango and apple stuff by screwing it clockwise with his hands, while I point to the drawer where the can opener so he pry open the bottlecap.

    Just’In and I, sitting around our office, each on our computers. It’s quiet because Toby is asleep through the office wall. I look at my computer and realize it’s 1:24. I whisper, “Happy New Year!” Just as silently, he punches and waves to the air. Then we both go back to our computers.

  5. Oh, and the face a baby makes when he gets a rare taste of carbonation. Not because we don’t like it, but because we’re poor: surprised, yet he likes it and wants more.