Amsterdam wins?

I have spent many hours in many different airports in the U.S. and Europe.  After exhaustive research I propose that Amsterdam Schipohl is the best.

It is the only airport I know that provides carts/trolleys for hand luggage.

It has a library, a real library.

There is a large children’s “forest” play area, which I didn’t photograph for fear of appearing creepy.

When they call the late people for boarding, they say “Ms. Stella you are delaying flight 123 to Paris, board immediately or your bags will be offloaded.”

It has a range of lounge areas, some with TVs set to news or children’s channels, and this delightful one with a faux-traditional parlor.   That chair is comfy.

They give you an hour’s free wi-fi, in two 30-minute chunks.

I drank my coffee from a delft cup.

I could have drunk it sitting in a delft cup.

It’s the airport choice of Mr. Claus.

Can anywhere else beat this?  (And I didn’t even get to the meditation room, the aqua massage or the comfort seats.)

6 responses to “Amsterdam wins?”

  1. lane says:

    no one can beat that!

    i don’t really even travel that much. it makes me want to go to holland just for the airport.

    those dutch have a pretty cool country.

  2. J-Man says:

    What an incredible place! That’s better than most places I’d deliberately travel to for a vacation – do they have overnight suites there?

  3. Dave says:

    I only experienced a bit of the Amsterdam airport once, but it was really nice, totally humane. I guess I should have explored it some more. The contrast with the utter hell of American airports (or Heathrow, for that matter) is striking.

  4. trixie says:

    was just in the amsterdam airport for the first time ever with farrell when we were flying to italy in october. we had delicious smoked trout for breakfast and one of the best lattes i have ever tasted. and farrell took a ton of photos because the lounge where we sat was gorgeous.
    i agree. best airport ever.
    you know what’s not a nice airport at all, especially given how lovely the town is? florence. bummer of an airport.

  5. Stella says:

    I think my other favorite airport is Key West…the Conch Republic. It’s so tin pot and charming and a wonder that any aircraft can land there…it’s a brilliant contrast to the typical airport.

  6. LP says:

    I flew through Amsterdam when returning from two weeks in India, and I nearly wept at how clean, beautiful, user-friendly and cheery it was. In fact, when I sat down to a delicious lunch of a sandwich and pint in the pub there (can’t remember the name), I believe I did in fact weep. The fact that the airport’s designers had made a public space into something delightful just seemed so… kind.