Thursday playlist: TGW 201010

This is a quasi-random playlist… I have been listening for a while to a playlist shuffled by my computer but scanning through it to see what I’m interested in listening to. Here is a very nice grouping of songs from the other night, with some additions of my own. This grouping has some favorite tunes of mine.

List and notes — you can stream or download the playlist from

1. “Free” by Zac Brown
2. Ain’t it a Cryin Shame by Blind Boy Fuller
3. I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline
4. Careless Darlin by Ernie Tubb
5. Golden Hair by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
6. Landlord by the Holy Modal Rounders
7. Kingdom of Love by the Soft Boys
8. Blues Run the Game covered by Nick Drake
9. Don’t Die by Ken Stringfellow
10. Guitar Blues by the de Zurik Sisters
11 Bonaparte woodshed by The Modesto Kid
12 Ninety Nine by Sonny Boy Williamson
13 “What You Have is Good” by Departure Lounge.
17 “Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay” by Blind Boy Fuller
23 “Astronomy Domine” by The Soft Boys

The fiddle solos in “Free” are magnificently mellow. I am trying to learn this to play it with Lost Souls. Blind Boy Fuller is my blues guitar god, his Ain’t it a cryin shame? being on the list moved my to add Big leg woman gets my pay as a bonus track. I’m baffled and inspired by my music randomizer choosing to put Patsy Cline and Ernie Tubb next to each other, it outshines many music-ordering decisions I have made for myself.

“Golden Hair” is a poem by James Joyce that Syd Barrett set to music on his solo record “The Madcap Laughs” — its beauty has never really been apparent to me listening to that recording, but this cover by Hope Sandoval might be my favorite Barrett tune ever all of a sudden. If you are into Barrett covers you can download “The Madcap Laughs
Again,” which contains this track, from

“Movin Day” is a song I’m working on with Mountain Station — this mix is nicely representative of music I play or am learning. “Kingdom of Love” is from The Soft Boys’ “Where Are the Prawns” tape, and (along with Golden Hair) inspired me to include their cover of “Astronomy Domine” as a bonus track. — this is the end of side A. I’ll let side
B speak for itself.

2 responses to “Thursday playlist: TGW 201010”

  1. Josh K-sky says:

    Awesome. I’ve been needing a good new mix from the country-folk-roots pile. This is a nice sampler that I’ve listened to a surprising number of times (and which introduced me to Blues Run The Game).

  2. Cool, I think that sampler might be where I found out about BRTG too… You can get more mix tapes from my blog, often with a generous helping of country/folk/roots —