The future

The future has been postponed

So now you can all go home

There’s nothing left to see here

There’s no one to save you

There’s no reason to be here

There’s no one to talk to

The lights came down by themselves

The cars all were parked by themselves

The people all stood still

And no one said a word

The sun became so big

It swallowed up the earth

The itching of the skin

Was never there again

The people lost their breath

It never came again

3 responses to “The future”

  1. This ought to have been set to music by the Gang of 4.

  2. Timo says:

    Nice photo! When I look at it just so, the screws that hold the sign to the side of the building look like normal-sized screws, and so the whole thing looks like a model made for a movie.

    Lyrics by The Hair PUddle?

  3. scottyGee says:

    Lyrics by the Hair PUddle, yes.

    Sounds like maybe I have the mid-semester blues…