Joshua Tree, Labor Day weekend

3 responses to “Joshua Tree, Labor Day weekend”

  1. ScottyGee says:

    These are some great shots, LP. I especially like the 5th one.

    Did you see much in the way of wildlife?
    Did you listen to U2 on the drive out?

  2. LP says:

    Thanks, Scotty! We didn’t see too many animals – just one duck diving in the water in #5, a few skittering lizards, some hawks circling overhead. Wanted to see a big-horn sheep, which apparently roam around the water, but no luck.

    And we didn’t listen to U2, but I spent much of the drive around the park staring intently at individual trees, trying to think which one might have been on the album cover. This guy beat me to it!

  3. J-Man says:

    I love these photos! While we were driving around New England, it occurred to me more each day that while NE is really beautiful and green, I really love the desert and began to miss it. I came home thinking that I really need to get out to J-tree, my favorite place on earth, very soon. Thanks for the little taste!