Life in a Northern Town

11 responses to “Life in a Northern Town”

  1. Tim Wager says:

    Just a few photos from the road.

  2. swells says:

    What is it with bunting, anyway?

  3. We looked up the etymology of “bunting” but I immediately forgot it.

  4. Rachel says:

    Thanks for these, Tim. I like to think about what happened right over that little sun-dappled hill.

    Hey, bunting is festive decoration with maritime origins! Yay!

  5. swells says:

    Me, crankily, on the recent day we were surrounded by all this bunting (only a fraction of which is pictured here): “What is it with all this bunting?”

    Wager: “Why does it disturb you so much? Is it because it reminds you of underpants?”

  6. Tim says:

    Well, is it?

  7. LP says:

    And if so, why would being reminded of underpants be disturbing? So many questions!

    These photos are lovely, btw – what a fantastic little town!

  8. LP says:

    PS: thanks for covering for me, T. Waher!

  9. bacon says:

    I never liked bunting until TW’s photo opened my eyes to the naïve, unassuming simplicity of it. It’s both stupid and pleasant at the same time.

  10. bacon says:

    …kind of like a golden retriever