2006 Whatsies: The official ballot

Looking back on TGW’s first year of its reincarnation as a group blog, we’re excited to announce nomination categories for the first annual Whatsie Awards.

Readers, contributors, lurkers, even occasional passers-by this week are politely requested to submit their favorites (limit two per category) to nominations@greatwhatsit.com by 8 pm Eastern time, Sunday, January 14. Just cut and paste the list below to the body of an email. Please only submit one ballot, even if you have more than one valid email address or ISP number from which you view this site. Feel free to submit partial ballots — but please, please, please — sockpuppets included — only send one email to the nominations address.

Early next week we will announce the winners: the three most-nominated posts for each category.

But since we’re all winners at TGW, we’re also asking readers and contributors to submit their favorite post from each individual contributor, including yourself. These “Everyone Is Special” Whatsies will also be announced next week and links to these posts will be added to contributor bios for the coming year.

It’s been a fun first year for us. Thanks for reading!

The Ballot

  • Funniest Post
  • Most Confessional Post
  • Best Political Post
  • Best Work-Related Post
  • Most Moving Post
  • Most Controversial Post
  • Best Review (Long)
  • Best Review (Short)
  • Queerest Post
  • Most Undeservedly Undercommented Post
  • Most Self-Indulgent Post
  • Funniest Comment
  • Best Comment
  • Best Regular Commenter
  • Best Photo/Illustration (Single)
  • Best Use of Photos/Illustrations in a Single Post
  • Post of the Year

    And the “Everyone Is Special” Whatsies:

  • Best of Dave B
  • Best of Rachel Berkowitz
  • Best of Pandora Brewer
  • Best of Cedric Cedarbrook, MD
  • Best of Literacy H. Dogfight
  • Best of Farrell Fawcett
  • Best of Scott Godfrey
  • Best of Trixie Honeycups
  • Best of Ruben Mancillas
  • Best of Jen Mandel
  • Best of Brooke Maury
  • Best of Lisa Parrish
  • Best of Slade
  • Best of Stella
  • Best of Lisa Tremain
  • Best of Lane Twitchell
  • Best of Adriana Velez
  • Best of Tim Wager
  • Best of Bryan Waterman
  • Best of Nathan Waterman
  • Best of Stephanie Wells
  • Best of Wendy West
  • Best of Jeremy Zitter
  • 2 responses to “2006 Whatsies: The official ballot”

    1. G-Lock says:

      Ugh, it’s like Sophie’s Choice.

    2. Dave says:

      Are you calling us Nazis?