Tuesday mishmash: Roshambo edition

1. So, you think you can play rock-scissors-paper with the best of them, eh? You think you have it wired, so you get the exact piece of sushi you want every time? Hm? And does anyone but the West Coast contingent even engage in that particular sushi-restaurant ritual?

You may think that roshambo (rochambeau? Experts differ) is a game of mostly luck. But apparently, there are tricks to winning consistently. Please click here to find out what they are, and let’s see who can master the competitiion at the next sushi dinner.

2. Pop quiz: What other actress was considered for the role of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movie? Where did the name R2D2 come from? And why was it impossible for George Lucas to do any reshoots with Mark Hamill after filming ended? Answers to these questions and other fascinating bits of trivia can be found here.

3. If you have a baby, and you aren’t exhausted when that baby is taking a nap, what should you do to fill the time? This.

4. What is the best unofficial Shark Week song and video ever? This:


Happy Shark Week, all!

5 responses to “Tuesday mishmash: Roshambo edition”

  1. Tim says:

    That Shark Week song is going to haunt me.

    Also, didja hafta give away all the Rochambeau secrets? Now I’m going to have to use the triple-double reverse whenever I go up against any Whatsitters. Woops! Change that. You didn’t read that here. You’re getting drowsy, very drowsy . . .

  2. Jeff Koons says:

    Oooooh! Shark Week! I love Shark Week.

    Also, I think Sissy Spacek is kind of pretty.

  3. Sissy S. says:

    I totally got rooked out of that part, because George Lucas thought Carrie was “cute.” Whatever. Can you imagine those awesome buns on the sides of MY head? I would have been a fantastic Princess Leia. Take that to the bank, bitch.

    How many Oscars does SHE have, hah?

  4. Sissy S. says:

    PS: Jeff, call me.

  5. Tiger Shark says:

    Tiger sharks don’t meow, okay? You make me look like a sissy.

    No offense, Sissy.