The resolution post

Because I’m exhausted by the holiday, and because I figured I could do a lot worse than to quote a bit of Auden (New Year Letter, of course):

Under the familiar weight
Of winter, conscience, and the State,
In loose formations of good cheer,
Love, language, loneliness and fear,
Towards the habits of next year,
Along the streets the people flow,
Singing or sighing as they go:
Exalté, piano, or in doubt,
All our reflections turn about
A common meditative norm,
Retrenchment, Sacrifice, Reform.

So what do you say: Any resolutions? What needs to be retrenched, sacrificed, reformed? Or is the whole annual ritual counterproductive or otherwise objectionable?

10 responses to “The resolution post”

  1. Dave says:

    To get the bal rolling, I resolve to learn to play the pedal steel guitar, get into decent shape, and get onto a viable career path. I generally hate New Year’s resolutions because I just set myself up for failure, but this year I’ve got the eye of the tiger.

  2. Scott Godfrey says:

    My public resolutions are to dance more often, to be more decisive, and to try really hard to not let the world bum me out as much as it does. Privately, I hope to channel the spirit of little William, and “freak out” more often.

  3. Stella says:

    I’m never drinking again.

  4. Stella says:

    I actually made a long list of resolutions last week to which Parrish added the obvious “work less.” Unlike Scott’s, which include self-improvement, I realized mine are just activities, but I know my limitations. So, I’m going to read more poetry, do more yoga, watch less TV, eat more vegan food, cook (probably a prerequisite to the one before), take more ballroom dancing lessons, spend more time finding new music, see more movies, make sure I have time to read the Sunday Times, spend more time with my cat and with Parrish (not necessarily in that order), take up some sort of aerobic exercise, visit formal gardens, read more graphic novels…is that the right word? I’m thinking cartoons not x-rated. And I did have a bar-tending course on my list, as I want to improve my cocktail repertoire, but under my new temperance regime that will have to wait till 2008, along with any attempt to improve my character.

  5. Tim Wager says:

    First, the serious ones.

    1. I resolve to go to the doctor for a regular checkup (don’t ask how long it’s been; I don’t even know).

    2. I resolve to go to the optometrist and the dentist on a regular basis (again, don’t ask).

    3. I resolve to exercise more frequently and regularly. Did you know that it’s even good for the eyes? My father has found out he has incipient macular degeneration. His optometrist told him that regular exercise oxygenates the eyes and helps to prevent their deterioration.

    Now, the frivolous (but not really).

    1. I resolve to spend less time checking for new comments on the Greatwhatsit.

    2. Closely related to this, I resolve to spend less time staring at my computer when I could be doing something more constructive, whether it be work related or not.

    3. I resolve to see more movies in the theater.

    4. And lastly (and most frivolously) I resolve to amass vast amounts of capital without selling my soul.

  6. bryan says:

    i resolve to clean my office before classes start.

  7. bryan says:

    he says, as enormous piles of books and paper sway, seuss-like, threatening to topple at any moment.

  8. bacon says:

    I plan to fail more often and with more flair in meeting my long list of new year’s resolutions.

  9. J-man says:

    1. I resolve to take lunch breaks, which in my book equals working less.
    2. Since I’ve already sold my soul, I resolve to continue to sell it, but this time for vast and ever increasing amounts of capital.
    3. Floss.

  10. PB says:

    I am overwhelmed by Stella’s list, my ambition pales to hers. And to Tim’s organized thought process or even Bryan’s sense of fun (suess-like, love it!).
    I resolve that in 2007 I will get my nails done less and my hair more.
    whew, I am exhausted.
    back to Buffy reruns.

    PS, Tim, don’t comment less untill after my post Friday.