Dude, That’s So Random

Hey, kids, do you ever get sick of looking at the same few websites, over and over again? Have you worn a rut between your email, facebook, the Huffington Post, and The Greatwhatsit? Are you bored with the interwaffle? Well, my friends, bore no more! There’s a tool out there in the world wide webs that makes it seem more like the world wild West! It’s a simple little engine that can – and you can find it at www.randomwebsite.com. That’s right, a Random Website generator!

This handy gadget will occupy you for hours as you click away to your heart’s content, boldly going where only a few have gone before. You can have an adventure right in the comfort of your own home (or workplace). And not to fear, there’s no porn in the world of randomwebsite.com, so it’s definitely NOT NSFW! But I’ll tell you what there is: lots of really cool websites that you’d never find on your own! Here’s a random sampling of what I found today:

The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive. I learned that Barack Obama is a former CIA Agent. Who knew?

111annex / 111 Minna Gallery It looks like some sort of art gallery in San Francisco. But get this: right on the front page, it says A Random Publication. Whoaaa.

Industrial Workers of the World. Did you know that Starbucks workers have a union? Or at least they want to have one.

Tired of the same old music? Check out voivod, who won the Metal Group of the Year at the 2010 Indie Awards, or the Navigator Truck Company, who, aside from having skateboard trucks made from 100% recycled metal, has some tasty jams! Sometimes I’ll happen upon a music site of a band I’ve already heard of, which makes it even cooler.

And for some intense random meta action, check out Folk Songs for the Five Points , where you can hear a random mix of collected sounds from New York’s Lower East Side, from a subway busker, to a seafood salesman, to the sound of steam coming through a manhole cover. As an added bonus, this site is interactive – you can create your own mix by turning the individual tracks on and off, pan from left to right, and increase or decrease volume.

Occasionally I’ll happen upon a website that’s in a foreign language, and so I end up clicking around to different pages, but I don’t even know what they’re saying! Here’s one in Finnish (I think) http://www.eniro.fi/ Is that crazy or what? Those feriners, they have a different word for everything!

Here’s a deceptively named site – cleanclothes.org. No, it’s not a place to learn how to separate the whites from the colors – au contraire! It’s an organization that advocates improved working conditions for garment workers. How about that?

If you want some LGBT-friendly, cool music and art, look no further than The Boston Phoenix , It looks to me like Boston’s version of the LA Weekly, the Village Voice, or the SF Weekly. Now THAT’s journalism I can stomach!

For you weird science types, check out DreamTech International, an organization for all your cloning needs. But wait a minute – can that be real? Of course it is – it’s on the Internets!

Oddly enough, I can’t recall ever having randomly generated the NRA, the GOP, or Right-to-Life. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It seems that RandomWebsite.org has a left-leaning slant. But how could it be “random” if most of the sites that come up tend toward the blue side of the spectrum? Ahh, but that’s the beauty of the internest – it becomes what you – or our friend Bob here – make of it. So click away with abandon. And tell me friends, what random website adventure did YOU generate today?

5 responses to “Dude, That’s So Random”

  1. LP says:

    Hmmm… that’s weird: the first random website I was sent to was http://www.random-acts.net/, for “America’s Traveling Interactive Musical Murder Mystery Theater” … How random!

  2. Jeremy Zitter says:

    Holy shit, this is awesome, Jen. Plus, thanks for using the word “Interwaffle.”

  3. autumn says:


    a.k.a. best Parts of Lonely