When you believe they call it Rock & Roll

March 2005 was a very good month. When the weather was fair Jasper and I would most often hit the streets of Manhattan goofing around so as to meet Adriana at the end of her day. Crusin’ around the big city with a baby in a Maclaren Techno can be fun, and my little boy, he likes to roll.

One afternoon we found ourselves at Team gallery. The proprietor, Jose Freire, invited us into his office. “What’cha listenin’ to?” Jose asked, as I pulled off my headphones.

“This cool kid I know burned me a copy of the new Spoon album.
It’s great.”

Jose knew the band. “Yeah that single is fantastic. The song about ‘they come for rock and roll,’ that’s a really good song.”

“Yeah I think so too. It’s the lead cut. Funny how I don’t know the names of songs anymore, just their numbers, the age of burned copies.”

Jose smiled in agreement.

Since that day I’ve listened this track quite a bit.

Over the weekend a portion of the song’s lyrics jumped out at me. This happened while working on some paintings to be shown with Jose next month, so it seems appropriate to share these lines with you.

“All I need is a crew

One that can act as if

One that can stay on cue

and sneeze and sniff (uh huh, all right)

I’m going back to the water

Been landlocked too long

I got a feeling it don’t come cheap

I got a feeling and then it got to me

It took its time to work it into my soul

I’ve got to believe they come for rock and roll, they come for rock & roll . . .”

So come, join us, and be our crew. Sneeze and sniff and stay on cue.

March 11th

6 to 9 pm


(uh huh, alright)

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