Adventures in grading

“People with AIDS in the 1980s were considered by many to be leopards (in the Biblical sense).”

6 responses to “Adventures in grading”

  1. Dave says:

    Okay, that one is amazing.

  2. Tim says:

    Spotty thinking.

  3. Obviously a reference to Daniel: “After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.” People with AIDS in the 80’s were considered to be four-headed monsters, and given no dominion.

  4. swells says:

    Is that a reference to Kaposi’s Sarcoma? Seriously, that’s what I thought it meant at first . . .

  5. A Nonny Mouse says:

    That student’s problems are lesion (in the Biblical sense).

  6. lemmy caution says:

    it took me a couple of minutes to figure out the student meant “lepers”.