Tuesday videos: Sexy CPR

So, I know everyone really likes the more personal TGW posts, but I’m gonna have to go with a relatively impersonal compendium of amusing video clips today. Dave and Stella set the bar very high last week, and I’m too grumpy and tired at the moment to write anything insightful – sorry! (ed. note: and too forgetful to actually post on Monday night – sorry for the tardiness!) But I think you’ll enjoy these random clips.

First up: Learning CPR the fun way. I had to watch this several times to make sure I understood the proper technique.


Next: An extraordinary reunion in the jungle:


Next: Paul Anka jazzes up “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:


And finally: The Half-Court Shot in the great Prank Wars series. Some of these pranks are rather cruel, as they involve other unwitting people. This one doesn’t, and it’s so complex and so perfectly executed that it’s worth watching if you have the time:


Happy Tuesday, people!

2 responses to “Tuesday videos: Sexy CPR”

  1. Thanks! My fave jazzy performance of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KZjnFZvCNc

  2. Marleyfan says:

    I guarantee I’d stay awake in my next CPR training…