Compact OED


Borges dreamed of the infinite book, and although I wouldn’t have taken the description to that metaphysical extreme, so do I. It’s easier to let that dream go now that I’ve gotten used to infinite network nodes and am never more than a couple of feet from an access point. But the electricity might go out, and then how could I feel both lost and safe in the spacious caverns of knowledge? I’d bust out my compact OED, purchased recently for $20 (!!!) used. The magnifying glass wasn’t in the little drawer, though, which means I need to buy one before I and my two volumes of shrunken type are transported to that desert island.

A nice piece of wood


This piece of wood was cut in the 1910s from an old-growth redwood tree. It became part of a big barrel for brining olives. Many years later, someone took apart the barrel and sold the wood to a wood store in Berkeley, and this weekend I came along and bought it.


Here it is after sanding. It will get some coats of polyurethane, I think, and some steel legs, and then it will be a bench.

Bay Area weather forecast

Heat Advisory

There is a range of temperatures that’s expected and safe — mid 70s as a high (if it’s hot), upper 50s as a low (if it’s cold). Beyond that, Bay Areans see danger everywhere. Today, it might get up to 88 degrees (84 in San Francisco). Seek shelter and drink plenty of liquids, people. You might even want to leave your light sweaters at home today.

Sanctimonious coffee filters

If you care...

As I discovered about a year ago, this is the only brand of coffee filters available at the local Whole Fountainhead. I didn’t want to buy them because the manufacturer/brander/purveying-corporate-nexus clearly holds me and everyone else who buys them in contempt. Either the manufacturer doesn’t “care” but thinks I can be manipulated into buying these coffee filters to demonstrate that I “care,” or the manufacturer does “care,” and deeply, and thinks that those who don’t buy the product don’t “care” and thus deserve opprobrium.

bw’s summer 2014 mixtape

summer 2014 mixtape from _waterman on 8tracks Radio.


Here are my summer 2014 high-rotation tunes. If the new stuff’s not new to you, maybe the old will be, or vice versa. If you fast-forward track 8 I’m not sure if we can still be friends. Otherwise, talk it out in the comments section.

Download tracks here. (In the [...] box, select “Download as .zip”)

1. Today More Than Any Other Day – Ought – 2014
2. What Do I Get? – Buzzcocks – 1978
3. When I See You – Thompson Twins – 1981
4. Black and White – Parquet Courts – 2014
5. Personal Planes – Priests – 2012
6. Calculations – Household – 2013
7. Snag – Swearin’ – 2011

[Interlude] 8. March of the Siamese Children – The 20th-Century Fox Orchestra – 1956

9. In Conflict – Owen Pallett – 2014
10. Inspector Norse – Todd Terje – 2014
11. I Want More – Can – 1976
12. Summer in a Small Town – Cleaners From Venus – 1984
13. Lost Weekend – The So So Glos – 2013
14. Yellow Eyes – Eagulls – 2014
15. After Dark – The Flowers – 1979

[Interlude] 16. Première Pensée Rose Croix – Teodoro Anzellotti (Erik Satie comp.) – 1998/1892

17. Rose 4 U – TEEN – 2014
18. In the Sound – Freelove Fenner – 2013
19. O Mi Amore (Instrumental) – Television – 1978
20. The World Is Flat – Quilt – 2014
21. Primitive – Real Estate – 2014
22. Stars – The Clean – 2001
23. Kong – The Notwist – 2014
24. Bronx Cheer – Mercury Rev – 1993
25. Third Uncle – Brian Eno – 1974

[Exit Music] 26. High on a Rocky Ledge – Moondog – 1978

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